We are proud to announce that the CE-marked FibriCheck app is now available for the Samsung Galaxy Watch3. This will give smartwatch users across Europe access to our life-saving heart-health technology.

Your heart health is important, especially if you know that 1 in 4 adults develop a heart rhythm disorder in their life. So regularly checking your heart rhythm is important. This is easy with FibriCheck.

In just 60 seconds you can measure your heart rate and rhythm. Afterwards, you get notified of any irregularities and receive a report which you can easily forward to your physician. When performed daily over an extended period, these measurements give you valuable insights into your heart health.

The FibriCheck app is now available in the Samsung Galaxy Store for the Samsung Galaxy Watch3 in the UK, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, France, Spain, Italy and Luxembourg. Samsung Galaxy Watch3 users will be able to use FibriCheck Essential for free during a period of 30 days. With FibriCheck Essential you can perform an unlimited amount of measurements. After measuring, you get immediate and actionable results, which you can easily share with your physician. And you can also set up notifications for your measurements.

How to install FibriCheck on your Samsung Galaxy Watch3

Download app

1. Open the Samsung Galaxy Store and search for “FibriCheck” in the Watch tab.

2. Install the app on your Samsung Galaxy Watch3.

Open app

3. Install the FibriCheck app on your Samsung smartphone.

4. Open the app on your Samsung smartphone and create a FibriCheck account.

Link watch

5. Your Samsung Galaxy Watch3 is automatically linked to your FibriCheck account. Your 30-day free trial starts immediately and gives you access to all features of the Essential Plan.

Start measuring

6. Open the app on your Samsung Galaxy Watch3 to start your first measurement.

7. Open the FibriCheck smartphone app to view comprehensive medical reports or share your results with your doctor.

Using a different Android smartphone? Discover here how to install the app on your smartphone.

We are confident this will pave the way for even more advanced solutions for an even wider cross-section of the population in the near future. In other words, stay tuned for more.

Try the FibriCheck app on your Samsung Galaxy Watch3

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Download the FibriCheck app

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Start checking your heart’s health today and avoid the dangers of undiagnosed atrial fibrillation.


Download the FibriCheck app

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