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Clinical studies

Read more about the scientific research
behind FibriCheck.

At FibriCheck, clinical research is the driving force behind everything we do. As a CE/TGA-certified and FDA-approved application, we have gathered an extensive body of research that provides insights into the accuracy, implementation and usability of our PPG technology. For each of the topics mentioned here below, you can access numerous publications by pressing read more. Contact us to explore collaboration possibilities or if you’d like more information.

Algorithm validation

Our FibriCheck algorithm has been extensively validated in various clinical studies, which demonstrated the clinical-grade accuracy, trustworthiness and robustness of our medically certified algorithm.

PPG interpretation

Research demonstrated that healthcare providers are able to interpret FibriCheck PPG recordings with similar accuracy to ECG interpretation.

Usability for HCPs

Onboarding patients, using the FibriCheck dashboard, following up on patient compliance, and analyzing the recordings are all made simple with FibriCheck. Various studies show the feasibility and demonstrate the added value of FibriCheck in the patient pathway.

Usability for patients

Research was conducted into the usability of our app for various populations. FibriCheck’s user friendliness encourages people to adhere to the use of the app, also for older target audiences.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you’d have any questions about one of our clinical studies or if you are interested in implementing FibriCheck in your clinical routine.

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