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With cardiovascular disease being one of the leading causes of death in the United Kingdom and the current healthcare system being under immense pressure, the NHS rolled out a long term plan to tackle this issue. In this plan, cardiovascular disease is identified as a clinical priority and a great opportunity to save lives.1 Through our new collaboration with Inhealthcare, we aim to support this long term plan, by providing technology that can save lives, reduce health inequalities and ease pressure on the NHS.

Inhealthcare’s virtual wards

Inhealthcare offers convenient, easy-to-use remote patient monitoring services which enable patients to receive adequate healthcare in their home instead of in hospital. By offering these digital solutions, less in-person appointments and medical devices are necessary, which helps cut costs and increase capacity in the NHS. Apart from that, this digitalised approach also ensures better accessibility to healthcare for all people, even those in remote regions of the country.

With Inhealthcare’s virtual wards , patients can be discharged from the hospital early on and can be monitored further from the comfort of their own home. This allows for hospital resources to be used more efficiently, while also ensuring the safety, adequate follow-up and earlier discharge of patients.

Remote monitoring with FibriCheck

By means of this collaboration, Inhealthcare and FibriCheck will offer NHS organisations the ability to monitor the heart health of their patients remotely across integrated care systems. This will be realised using FibriCheck’s medically certified technology (CE1639), which allows users to perform heart health checks at any place and any time, using nothing but the camera of their smartphone. This approach aims to transform the prevention, detection and condition management for people with heart conditions.

Inhealthcare users can share their FibriCheck readings remotely with healthcare systems via a choice of inclusive communication channels. When readings are classified as urgent, the appropriate healthcare professional will be alerted to ensure timely intervention with medical treatment and advice if necessary. Inhealthcare’s platform fully integrates with all major software systems in the NHS, and the FibriCheck solution is easily scalable, which allows for a great opportunity for the digitalization of heart healthcare in the UK. 

“This is another excellent example of how health tech companies with innovative and complementary services can come together to confront the challenges facing the NHS and the nation as a whole.”

-Bryn Sage, CEO InHealthcare

Saving costs with preventative health checks

Preventative heart health checks can help detect heart rhythm conditions in the early stages. This improves the outcome of the condition through early diagnosis and treatment. Financially, there is a great advantage to preventative checks as well. If appropriate anticoagulant management of AF in all eligible patients would be started early, this could avert an estimated 4,551 strokes each year. This translates to £97 million savings in NHS and social care costs or £259 million savings in societal costs in the first year.2

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Created on November 17th, 2023 at 11:31 am

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