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Power your application with our PPG technology for heart rhythm monitoring

Seamlessly implement FibriCheck's regulated PPG technology for heart rate and heart rhythm monitoring with our SDK or enhance your patient care by integrating FibriCheck data via our API.

Let our integration solutions do the work for you

High Quality Results

Get high-quality results

Benefit from our state-of-the-art cardiac arrhythmia detection capabilities

Medically Certified

Avoid regulatory delays

Build on our multiple regulatory approvals (CE-certified, FDA/TGA-approved)

Secure Cloud Access

Don't stress about privacy and data

We are offering third-party access to our secure cloud technology via our integration solutions.

Customize Your Solution

Customize your solution

Only use the algorithms that meet your needs.

Additional Service Options

Enjoy our additional service options

We offer thoroughly tested workflows, reporting and clinical review services.


FibriCheck is the world’s only medically certified app (CE-Class IIA / FDA cleared) capable of detecting atrial fibrillation and other heart rhythm disorders, thereby preventing strokes.

FibriCheck uses the built-in photoplethysmographic (PPG) sensors found in smartphones, smartwatches and wearables to measure a user’s heart rhythm.

Using clinically validated and certified algorithms together with an artificially intelligent deep neural network, FibriCheck detects the presence of atrial fibrillation and other cardiac arrhythmias.

FibriCheck app screens

Integration with AlTibbi, the leading digital health platform in the MENA region

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Integration with DrGo, the leading digital health platform in Hong Kong

Discover how together with Roche Diagnostics and DrGo, we are facilitating access to digital health services in Hong Kong via our innovative integrated solution.

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Download our solution brief to learn more about our integration possibilities

Integrate the FibriCheck measurement functionality in your Mobile/Wearable application via our API/SDK

You have developed your own mobile or wearable solution and would like to add advanced cardiac arrhythmia analysis to your offering.

FibriCheck SDK integration
  • Seamlessly integrate the FibriCheck application in your solution. The SDK integration is ideal if you want a fully integrated experience, and if you have an experienced development team.
  • FibriCheck offers 2 SDK’s:
    • camera SDK to utilise the mobile phone camera for PPG acquisition.
    • connector SDK that is linkable to a hardware device in order to collect and send raw PPG data to FibriCheck (ideal for wearables).
  • Built in React Native, the FibriCheck Measurement SDK can communicate with the iOS/Android camera/BLE layer, process the data, and return an object. That object is then ready to be submitted to the FibriCheck backend for analysis.

Integrate FibriCheck results into your web application/medical record via our API

Your hospital or telemonitoring service would like to integrate FibriCheck data into your own ecosystem to improve remote monitoring and enhance your patient care.

FibriCheck API integration
  • Synchronise data from the FibriCheck cloud with your cloud in a secure way.
  • Retrieve FibriCheck user data – with their consent – with the FibriCheck API via an Oauth2 flow.
  • Ideal when users have the FibriCheck application installed on their own mobile devices with their own account.
  • HL7/FHIR integration is possible via our API (depending hospital requirements, deviations of standard API integrations are possible).
  • API integrations can make use of the FibriCheck Javascript SDK.

Linking apps without integration

You would simply like to offer cardiac arrhythmia analysis to your patients without having to worry about integrations? Use our end-to-end solution, which includes the FibriCheck certified mobile application as well as a management portal for data collection, reporting and analysis.

linking FibriCheck without integration

Get in touch with the FibriCheck team


Thanks to our well-documented SDK and API’s, we ensure a smooth integration path. Our technologies support Native, React Native and Flutter technologies.

Get in touch with our team and we will help you get set up in no time.

Our Camera SDK ensures a high-quality step-by-step process to obtain a high resolution PPG signal from the user’s fingertip.

The system will first detect the finger of the user, perform a calibration step and then start a 60-second recording. The SDK will provide feedback to the front-end if specific parameters are out of bounds that could affect the quality of a recording.

Once the recording is completed, the data is then analysed and instant feedback is made available towards the user regarding their heart rhythm.

Want to know more? Read this article or have a look at all of the clinical studies that have been published in numerous leading medical publications.

The FibriCheck technology is compatible with a wide range of smartphones. Have a look at this article on our Helpdesk for more up-to-date information.

The FibriCheck wearable SDK is a component that connects to your internal systems to retrieve wearable derived PPG data.

The data format enables all sensors and wavelengths to be captured at a sampling rate of minimum 25Hz. Recordings of 60 seconds can be triggered manually or scheduled at repeated intervals (semi-continuous).

FibriCheck has already demonstrated compatibility with a large range of wearable devices in different form factors. We only require RAW PPG data from at least 1 sensor and 1 wavelength.

Want to know more? Get in touch with our support team to discuss your solution in more detail to determine compatibility.

FibriCheck is a medical device manufacturer and its technology is CE-certified (Class I and Class II approvals). We also have Australian TGA clearance as well as American FDA approval. On top of that, FibriCheck has obtained the ISO27701 certificate as well as HIPAA approvals.

The regulatory approval pathway can vary from region to region and application to application. Reach out to our compliance team to discuss your use case.

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